We Treat Our Patients Like Family

Adults – FAQs

 What is the Center Like?

Clarion Psychiatric Center is probably nothing like any preconceived notion you might have of what a psychiatric hospital looks or feels like. Conveniently located at Exit 62 of Interstate 80, 2 miles south of Clarion, Pennsylvania, it is situated on 14 acres overlooking the Clarion River basin. The quiet, peaceful setting provides a therapeutic environment that’s very conducive to recovery.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the treatment depends on the length of stay and the services provided. In most cases, your insurance will cover the majority of the expenses. Our business office will be happy to discuss your benefits and financial options with you and assist in filing your claims.

How Long Will I Stay? 

Length of stay is determined by what your needs are, so it can range from a few days to a few weeks. Your individualized treatment plan focuses on what can be accomplished in the shortest period of time. With this foundation for progress, you can continue treatment in an outpatient setting.

What Happens When I Get There?

You will have an initial evaluation with one of our counselors, and if hospitalization is indicated, a counselor can take you and your family on a tour, and gladly answer questions you may have. If you are admitted, you will be asked to authorize a release of information to the therapist or doctor who may have referred you, or to your employee assistance counselor or school. You don’t have to authorize any of these, but we recommend that you do, since these professionals will play an important role in planning for discharge.

What Happens in Treatment?

You will be in a supportive, caring environment with others experiencing similar problems. Through therapy, structured recreation and education, our staff will help you cope with your emotional difficulties. Our highly qualified staff works as a team. If you have questions about your treatment, or if there is something you do not understand, just ask. Remember, we are here to help you. The programs at Clarion Psychiatric Center are tailored to meet the needs of each distinct patient population – children, adolescents, adults and patients whose emotional disorder is complicated by dependence on drugs or alcohol. In addition to semi-private rooms with private baths, each unit has its own living room, recreation room, group room and laundry facilities. With our fully accredited school, children and adolescents can continue their studies during hospitalization. Daily schedules for Children, adolescents and adults

What About My Job?

Remember that employers are always dealing with employees who have an illness or require hospitalization. Your time spent in the hospital will most likely be treated no differently than if you had been hospitalized for a medical or surgical problem. If you have an employee assistance or union counselor, we recommend that you discuss your treatment with them, as they are there to help and support you once you are back on the job.

Can My Family Visit and When?

Families and loved ones provide much needed support and comfort. Although designated times are set for visiting hours, we always try to work with families to accommodate their scheduling needs. It’s also important that family members take an active part in treatment. Most will be involved in family therapy and family education. Learn more about our Adult Unit visitation hours and guidelines. Visiting Guidelines Patient Guidelines Education Group Brochure (Adults) Education Group Brochure (Child and Adolescents)

Who Has To Know About My Hospitalization?

Only the people you authorize will know about your hospitalization, and these people will receive only the information that is necessary for them to continue your care or give you support once you are discharged.