We Treat Our Patients Like Family

Children and Adolescents – FAQs

Can I bring my cell phone and how much can I use the phone?

You will not be able to bring your cell phone or use it during your stay, however, there are scheduled phone times each evening (using hospital phones), and no limitations on incoming calls from family or case workers.

Who can come and visit me and when?

Immediate family and siblings 12 and over may come and visit during your stay.  There are scheduled visiting hours on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  Accommodations can certainly be made for additional visitation upon patient/family’s request.

What about my friends and peers at school, won’t they find out about my stay and ruin my reputation?

No one will know about your stay here other than those who will absolutely have to. We are concerned first and foremost for your health and recovery, which is in part to protect you and your family’s privacy.

Will I have a roommate and what if it becomes an issue?

All patients are placed with a roommate of the same gender and similar age.  Any issues will be addressed by staff on an individual basis and necessary actions will be taken in the best interest of the patients’ health and safety.

How will I continue my school work?

The primary focus is for your wellness and recovery, but daily time in a classroom is provided 5 days per week.  Our staff will work with your home school to arrange your current work to be sent to you, and you will also have some down time each day that can be used for school assignments.

Can I go outside during my stay?

Yes, weather permitting you will have access to our courtyard and playground.  In addition, you may also have recreation time in a gymnasium, as well as music and art classroom activities built into your daily schedules.

My family lives far away and does not have very good transportation, how will I see them?

Most of this will be handled on a case by case basis, and even though we don’t pick up for visitation, we have been able to accommodate family members by other means, additional phone sessions, or coordinated rides with other mental health providers from the same area to our facility.

How long will I have to stay?

We want your stay to be as short as possible but as long as necessary.  Some things that affect your length of stay are your progress in recovery, and setting up appropriate care for your discharge.  Our staff will work daily with you, your family, and other mental health providers in your area to ensure this process is moving forward and not delayed.

How is medication administered?

Our doctors and nurses will make sure you are on medications that make you feel better and not worse.  Staff is dedicated to reducing or eliminating any current medications that may not be needed or are harmful.  Medications are always initiated at a very low dose and are closely monitored throughout the day.

How can I inform my employer of my absence, and will I have to quit or lose my job?

We have a formalized letter that we can provide that has no mention of “Psychiatric Center” in the wording, which will notify your employer of your stay in the hospital, and should be handled by them as any other stay in a medical facility.  You are only obligated to inform them that you are staying in a hospital for health reasons. They can know as much or as little as you want them to; it’s your choice.

Is the facility secure?

Safety is our number one priority at Clarion Psychiatric Center, and countless hours of training and therapeutic response have been invested into our staff to ensure your safety and well-being.  There are always staff available to handle any concerns.

Can I bring books?

Yes, you may bring books that are appropriate, non violent and no strong sexual content.

Can I get on the internet, Facebook, or email, and what about music/iPod?

No. Although there is no access to internet during your stay, we do have previously downloaded music on mp3 format that can be accessed by request.

Will I have any private time to myself?

Yes, you will have daily quiet time in your room for an hour and a half each day.

Will my inpatient treatment go on my personal record or keep me from college acceptance or employment?

There are countless individuals who have successfully completed treatment and become very successful – both academically and professionally – following their stay in a psychiatric hospital.  Schools and employers cannot discriminate against people who have asked for help and have been admitted to a hospital.

What happens when I arrive?

You and your family are welcomed by our assessment team in our lobby.  After your intake assessment, we will bring you back to the unit to meet staff and get settled in.

What about when I leave, what happens and where do I go?

Everyone’s needs are different. You will help us decide where you will go and what treatment is needed once you leave.

What about my special dietary restrictions?

We have a dietitian on staff who will meet with you to complete a dietary consult if necessary.  This information is shared with our cafeteria staff to make sure your dietary needs are met.