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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Ensuring Quality Care

Inpatient Satisfaction at a Glance, Q2 2021

Clarion Psychiatric Center takes patient satisfaction very seriously. We continuously strive to improve our facility and treatment. For that reason, we ask every patient discharged from our facility to provide feedback on their stay and the care they received. We take great pride in providing exceptional care to all our patients, which is reflected in our consistently great patient satisfaction scores. Below are examples of patient satisfaction scores we received during Q2 2021. We asked patients to rank their experience on a scale of one to five, with one being the least satisfied and five being the most satisfied.

Question Rating
Our patients report that they felt better at discharge than when they were admitted. 96%
Our patients report that they were satisfied with their treatment. 92%
Our patients report that their treatment goals and needs were met. 95%

On monthly satisfaction surveys, patients consistently rate Clarion Psychiatric Center as either very good or excellent in the following areas:

  • The level of care received by the physician
  • The quality of care provided by the nursing staff, counselors, social workers and therapists
  • The level of respect and dignity shown by staff
  • Overall quality of care and services received
  • Involvement in treatment planning
  • The level of safety felt while in treatment
  • Would recommend to family and friends

Adult patient comments:

“Everyone was amazing I never thought I could feel so comfortable in a place like this. Thank you.”

“I felt safe and like I was a human. I am better than I have ever been for as long as I can remember. Thank-you to all of the staff.”

“All of the staff were very respectful of my needs & wants.”

“It could not have been better! The best care I could have had!”

“The entire adult unit staff did an incredible job concerning myself and what they had to work with.”

“My treatment was awesome and great. I appreciated all of the staff.”

“I can’t name every staff member. So I want to thank them all they treated me like I was a person.”

“My quote for the day, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel.’ Thank you all, you really helped me.”

“Thank you for your service. I tell everyone that has depression, anxiety, etc, to go to Clarion Psychiatric, because the service was great and I love everyone there. My stay there was wonderful. Wonderful staff, doctors, nurses, groups.”

Adolescent patient comments:

“They gave the absolute best therapy sessions that I was provided with! They showed extreme kindness demanding respect from patients. Well done.”

“My stay was great I liked all the staff.”

“The food was excellent.”

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